9 Degrees


Hand-scooped ice cream cones

We are proud to be Eau Claire’s exclusive source of Olson's Homaid ice cream cones. Produced in Chippewa Falls since 1944, Olson’s is real, premium ice cream made in small batches. We serve up the goodness in waffle cones, cake cones, and cups.

Flavors available all summer:

  • Mackinac Island fudge  ~  vanilla, fudge chunks & chocolate swirl
  • Mint chocolate chip  ~  so refreshing on a hot summer day
  • Strawberry  ~  smooth and creamy, made with lots of real berries

Flavor-of-the-week flavors:

  • Salted caramel swirl  ~  your sweet and salty all in one
  • Mocha mud pie  ~  Oreo cookies and a touch of coffee flavor
  • Chocolate chip cookie dough  ~  with the good stuff well distributed
  • Cookies and cream  ~  Oreo cookies ensconced in creamy goodness
  • Rum burgundy cherry  ~  rich, dark cherries in a grown-up base
  • Cherry garden  ~  coconut and maraschino cherries will take you back
  • Cotton candy confetti  ~  an explosion of color and flavor
  • Blueberry cheesecake  ~  Wisconsin's cows worked hard on this one
  • Raspberry cheesecake  ~  ditto!


              Treats in our trike

  • Oreo bar
  • Sundae cone
  • Cedar Crest sandwich
  • Cyclone
  • Pop-up rainbow
  • Spiderman popsicle
  • Snickers bar
  • Sponge Bob popsicle
  • Luigi's Italian Ice
  • Olson's grapefruit sorbet
  • Olson’s lemon sorbet